Cur$e of Inheritance

How to protect you and your family from being broke, bitter and blaming you

Most American families are unprepared for the greatest threat they have ever faced: The Cur$e of Inheritance.  In this book you will discover why inheritances fail and the single most important change you can make to protect your family.  Cindy shares the secret tool wealthy families use to protect their families, provides the Legacy Family Planning basics, and a special bonus section that you can immediately implement for your family’s benefit.

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Cracking the Inheritance Code

The Missing Link For Transferring Wealth Without Drama

It’s time to discover what you don’t know to protect your family’s future...

In this book you will discover the real problem and why traditional planning isn’t enough to protect your family, and the real solution to protect your family’s future. Whether you’re a professional advisor helping clients, or a family leader who wants to positively impact future generations, the simple steps in this book will help you achieve your goals.    

This revolutionary book is essential for anyone who plans to one day pass an inheritance down to their family and heirs. And, if you’re an attorney or estate planner, then this book can help your clients transfer their wealth without drama.

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The Legacy Family Way

How to Foster Family Relationships to Create Lasting Wealth

Making money is easy, keeping it is harder to do.  Even more difficult is transferring wealth to the next generation.  Legacy Family Planning is a family-first, values-centered estate planning tool to prepare heirs and foster family relationships, two necessary ingredients to create lasting wealth.  Cindy combines the spiritual lessons she learned in the aftermath of her parent’s death with the secrets of the super-rich to create the Legacy Family Way.  In three short months, following the step-by-step instructions, you and your family can build your Legacy Family Plan and begin to enjoy the peace of mind it provides.


My Camino, My Life

A Sole to Soul connection

What would it be like to ENJOY walking 500 miles in 37 days? For thousands of years, Europeans have stepped out their front door and walked to Santiago, Spain. The purpose of this Pilgrimage, known as the Camino de Santiago, is to visit the bones of the Apostle James purported to be buried under the Cathedral.

Like most Americans, Cindy was inspired to walk the Camino after watching The Way, a Hollywood movie released in 2011. Since then, an increasing number of Americans make up the 200,000+ Pilgrims who annually walk the Camino. Modern Day Pilgrims walk and bike the Camino for various reasons―from religious/spiritual to sport/outdoor appreciation.

Weeks before her departure, Cindy was plagued by plantar fasciitis and scheduled for unexpected surgery. Despite her physical challenges and inability to speak Spanish, Cindy set her intention to walk 500 miles with Ease and Grace, and always use indoor plumbing. In this memoir, Cindy shares her spellbinding story with intimacy and humor. Share the journey that started the Legacy Family Revolution Movement.