Introducing Legacy Family Planning | 4 of 5: The Solution 

Introducing Legacy Family Planning | 4 of 5: The Solution

If you don't understand the real issue you can't craft a real solution.  Most people believe the problem is money, but money is amoral.  Money is an amplifier. Traditional estate planning relies on legal documents to transfer financial assets and results in failure 85% to 90% of the time.   


Legal documents are critically important and necessary documents.  But, they aren’t enough to prevent wealth transfer failures because they don’t address the two most common causes of wealth transfer failure: unprepared heirs who don't communicate and trust each other.  Legacy Family Planning is the essential estate planning tool that successful families add to their estate planning documents to create generational wealth for their family.  Legacy Family Planning prevents wealth transfer failure by strengthening relationships and training heirs to receive their inheritance.  


What is Legacy Family Planning and Why Does it Work?

Legacy Family Planning is a process, or way of life that is designed to systematically transfer values and character before wealth in a family first environment.  Family members are trained to become stewards of resources instead of consumers.  Rather than create and transfer wealth, each generation is taught to become wealth builders who seek their unique and highest potential.  Legacy Family Planning includes investing in the intentional development of skills for each family member. Legacy Family Planning is a process that includes fun activities to create lasting memories.


Legacy Families see life as their job, and family as their business.  Their business is to provide training and support for family members so they can thrive and prosper.  Just like any successful business, they are guided by a mission statement and board of directors. 

Legacy Family Planning is a three phase process.  Each phase builds upon the next.  Although the purpose behind Legacy Family Planning is to prepare your heirs and build communication and trust, the process provides opportunities for meaningful relationships that you can enjoy now.


The Legacy Family Way

How to foster family relationships to Create Lasting Wealth