Legacy Family Planning


Prepare Your Family

Are you worried about your children’s lifestyle, but afraid to talk to them for fear of hurting the relationship?  Is the family business getting in the way of family relationships?  Are you worried about your grandchildren's future?  Does your trust have a spendthrift clause?   

If you said yes to any of the above, it's a great time to add a Legacy Family Plan to your estate plan. 

What is Legacy Family Planning?  In the simplest of terms, Legacy Family Planning is the plan you start NOW to prepare your heirs.  When you pass, your estate plan will determine what happens to your financial assets and your lifetime accumulation of stuff.  Without a Legacy Family Plan in place, your family has only a 10% chance of success. 

Earning a driver's licence does NOT make you a good driver.  Becoming a good driver happens over time through experience.  Depending on your legal plan to prepare your heirs is the same.  Legacy Family Planning is the plan you add NOW that gives you time and opportunity to provide learning experiences so they can become good stewards of your finanical assets and thrive in your absence.   

We can help.  We do NOT provide therapy, legal or financial advice.  We do help you unify your family by identifying your top values, mission and vision statement.  We facilitate important conversations and guide you through the process so that you and your family can concentrate on getting to really know each other on a deeper level, and have more fun together as a family.

Below are just a few of the outcomes you can expect by adding a Legacy Family Plan to your estate plan.  

1. Create a unified family culture by defining your mission statement, vision statement and core values.  This means they will work together to protect your financial assets.

2.  Engage multiple generations so they can voice their ideas and participate in the process.  This is important because they will be the ones settling your estate.

3.   Increase meaningful communication to build trust and communication.  This prevents the number one reason inheritances fail.  

4.  Strengthen family unity by scheduling fun activities together. A family that plays together, stays together!

5. Create a shared philanthropic vision and enhance the purpose of your financial wealth.  You are more than the money you leave behind.

We offer two programs.  For families who don't live near each other, or those who enjoy the digital experience, we offer the MTM Vault, an online program. For families who enjoy face to face time, or desire a truly customized plan, we offer The Legacy Family Way program.  

 Either way, NOW would be a good time to add Legacy Family Planning to your estate plan so that you can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve, knowing your family and financial assets are protected.  Isn't it time to enjoy the rest of your life as the best of your life? 


The More Than Money Vault


This Anytime/Anywhere Program includes 20 sessions of approximately 30 minutes each.  The entire family participates at their convenience in a user friendly digital portal.  Program includes session support and family group calls.


The Legacy Family Way

Customized Family Program

This customized program includes up to 12 family members and includes personalized guidance every step of the way.  Most families complete the foundation step in less than 90 days.  Your customized program includes individual family member coaching, and two facilitated meetings.  Quotes for additional meetings and family members are available upon request.

To make the most of our time together, an honest assessment of your situation is critical to your ultimate success.  Our goal is to understand your current level of  risk so that we can custom design a program to meet your desired outcome.  The best time to protect your family is NOW.