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Introduction to Legacy Family Planning


Introduction to Legacy Family Planning


City of Allen Lakeside Clubhouse, 745 S. Allen Heights, Allen, TX 75002

Appetizers and non-alcoholic beverages will be served


Cindy Arledge

Phone: 210-414-7522


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Legacy Family Planning – the step beyond legal documents

Who needs Legacy Family Planning?

  • Business owners, regardless of the interest of the offspring in running the business
  • People with cash and/or securities with a specific or multi-purpose use for these assets after death such as: 
    • paying the cost of higher education for heirs
    • income stream for heirs
    • Charitable giving
  • Owners of shared assets such as income producing properties, ranches/farms, or vacation homes to be used as family retreats
  • Anyone whose legal documents (will/trust) have provisions to encourage behavior by restricting access to financial assets
  • Blended families
  • Family Leaders who want their children and grandchildren to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner after they are gone


Why do you need Legacy Family Planning?

According to a 20-year survey of 2,500 families conducted by The Williams Group, 70% of wealth transfers fail when measured by loss of assets.  Sadly, the failure rate is closer to 90% when you include unnecessary upheaval and destroyed family relationships to the  measurement of loss of assets.

Legacy Family Planning is a repeatable formal process used by successful families to preserve family wealth and relationships in excess of 100 years. You don’t need Rockefeller’s wealth to leave a legacy for your family, you just need a plan.

Over the next 30 + years, an estimated 30 trillion dollars will exchange hands as 68,000,000 baby boomers pass away.  

Based on historical data, over 85% of these transfers will fail, when failure is measured by (1.) loss of assets, (2.) unnecessary upheaval, and (3.) destroyed relationships.  

The impact of this looming crises threatens the smallest unit of society: the American family.

Contributing factors for this disaster include:

  1. Taboo topic of death and money
  2. Lack of understanding the real problem
  3. Limited access to viable solution

When the real issue is recognized, a real solution can be implemented.  

Real solutions are found by identifying successful people, discovering what they do, and then doing what they do.

When Cindy’s parents passed away 8 months apart, her family was destroyed. Becoming a grandmother galvanized her to protect her growing family. She discovered Legacy Families and their little-known estate planning tool.  After successfully implementing a plan with her family, she launched the Legacy Family Revolution and wrote two best-selling books, Cur$e of Inheritance and The Legacy Family Way.  Cindy’s passion is helping financially savvy family leaders create a Legacy Family Plan to transfer character before cash and ensure their family’s long-term future.   

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