Preventing Inheritance Failures

Before they happen.


“The most effective method for preventing wealth transfer failures is eliminating the risks that cause them, before they happen.”

— cindy Arledge

Welcome to The Legacy Family Revolution, the place where business owners, family leaders and estate planning professionals can discover the secret to preventing wealth transfer failures before they happen.

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Meet Cindy Arledge

3x Best Selling Author

I’m here to help you anticipate your family’s needs and prepare them for the future. No matter your age, if you’re just starting out, or on the downhill slide of life, we will customize a plan to eliminate the risks that threaten your family’s future so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that only comes from being prepared.

I believe the best way to improve the world is to build strong generational families that can thrive in the most challenging conditions.
— Cindy

Cindy Arledge brings a fresh new approach to an age-old problem.  After surviving the destruction of her own family following her parents’ deaths, Cindy vowed to help other families avoid common pitfalls that plague the majority of wealth transfer events.   Her mission is to provide business owners, family leaders, and estate planning professionals access to the legacy family planning process. 

Cindy provides the tools, best practices and processes to prevent the Cur$e of Inheritance and break the three-generation cycle of wealth creation, transfer and loss known as “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves.”