Feel Confident About the Future by Preparing Them Now.

“legacy is more than what you leave behind.
It includes your relationships and a life well lived, starting today.”

— cindy Arledge

According to Cerulli Associates, over $65 Trillion of wealth will transfer from boomers to their heirs over the next 25 plus years. But the sad fact is, even with an estate plan in place, over 90% of all wealth transfers fail by the time the assets reach the third generation. Failure is measured by lost assets and broken family relationships.

At the Legacy Family Revolution, we show you how to become part of the 10% who succeed.

Most estate plans are legal plans that communicate your last wishes in legal terms after you are gone. More often than not, this one way communication leads to hurt feelings, confusion and misunderstanding between heirs.

Legacy Family Planning is different. It starts today, and prepares your family for their future. When you add a Legacy Family Plan, you prevent inheritance failures before they happen and have fun in the process. It is the secret planning tool, used by the 10% to improve communication, build trust, and prepare heirs to become good stewards. Until now, it has been reserved for ultra-high-net-worth families.

Your legacy is more than financial assets.

Your legacy includes the relationships you have today, that become tomorrow’s memories.

Your legacy includes non-financial assets, such as family traditions, values, and character. These are the building blocks for lasting families of lasting wealth.

Legacy Family Planning is the key to building lasting relationships and lasting wealth.

Legacy Family Planning is the key to building lasting relationships and lasting wealth.

We provide Legacy Family Plans for family leaders who desire to ensure their family’s long-term future, and business owners whose largest asset is their family business.

Three Steps to Legacy Family Planning


Discover the Risks

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Create a Strategy

Make decisions in advance and live with the end in mind


Implement a Plan

Implement your strategic plan to create your lasting legacy today


Don’t just leave an inheritance, leave a lasting legacy!

NOW is the time to discover the risks that threaten your future
so you can create a plan to eliminate them.

Meet Cindy Arledge

4 Time #1 Best Selling Author

Save the family, the smallest economic unit of society, and you save the world. Legacy Families are our hope for a better future.
— Cindy Arledge, Founder of the Legacy Family Revolution

“Been There, Done That” Our Founder’s story.

Cindy Arledge brings a fresh new approach to an age-old problem.  After surviving the destruction of her own family following her parents’ deaths, Cindy vowed to help other families avoid common pitfalls that plague the majority of wealth transfer events.   Her mission is to provide business owners, family leaders, and estate planning professionals access to the legacy family planning process. 

Cindy provides the tools, best practices and processes to prevent the Cur$e of Inheritance and break the three-generation cycle of wealth creation, transfer and loss known as “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves.”