Three-time #1 Bestselling Author, Leader of the Legacy Family Revolution, and the grandmother known as “Elmo.”

Cindy Arledge brings a fresh new approach to an age-old problem.  After surviving the destruction of her own family following her parents’ deaths, Cindy vowed to help other families avoid common pitfalls that plague the majority of wealth transfer events.   Her mission is to provide business owners and family leaders access to the legacy family planning process. 

The most effective method for preserving relationships and preventing wealth transfer failures is eliminating the risks that cause them, before they happen.

Cindy provides the tools, best practices and processes to prevent the Cur$e of Inheritance and break the three-generation cycle of wealth creation, transfer and loss known as “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves.”


My Story

I’ve been there . . .

When my parents passed away eight months apart, their wealth transfer plan failed to protect their children and grandchildren. They did the best they could with the tools and information that were available to them at the time. They set up an elaborate legal plan to transfer their financial assets, but it wasn’t enough to protect our family.

It’s what they didn’t know that they didn’t know, that could have saved us.

Curse of Inheritance Monster

The wealth transfer failure we experienced started immediately. I call it the Cur$e of Inheritance. The Cur$e of Inheritance is an ugly monster of jealousy, fear and selfishness that crushes families, eats money and destroys lives. It’s born in an environment of loss and grief by unprepared heirs who feel entitled to unearned wealth, and tragically forget to see each other as human beings.

We suffered from miscommunication, lack of trust, and dysfunctional relationships that resulted in litigation, expensive attorney’s fees and empty seats at the dinner table. The tragedy continues as each generation grows more distant.

It is never easy to lose your parents. I don’t care how old you are when it happens, you become an orphan. As sad as it is, it is part of the natural cycle of life. By far, my greatest pain and suffering came from losing the support of my siblings and their families. I never imagined having to grieve the loss of my parents without their support.

This type of loss is not natural.

To protect my children and grandchildren, I set out on a journey to learn the secret to successful wealth transfer. Early in my research, I discovered the three generational cycle of wealth creation, transfer and loss that affects 90% of the wealth transfers. That means 9 out of 10 families fail to keep wealth in the family past the third generation. Across the globe, every country has its own name for this phenomena. in Japan, its called “rice paddies to rice paddies.” in Ireland, its called “clogs to clogs.” Here, we call it “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves” or “rags to rags.”

Imagine my shock when I learned there was a second type of failure!

My desire to prevent the Cur$e of Inheritance for my girls,
led to the realization that we were headed straight for our next failure!

3 Generation.png

By concentrating my research to families who were able to beat the “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves,” I discovered the secret of successful wealth transfer. Using their tools and best practices, I created a system to eliminate the risks that lead to failure, to prevent wealth transfers before they happen. This process is called Legacy Family Planning.

After implementing a plan for my family and writing three #1 Best-selling books, I am helping others protect their family’s future by eliminating the risks that cause them.  

It’s Time for the Legacy Family Revolution Movement

My mission is to bring Legacy Family Planning to people like you. Family leaders who desire to ensure their family’s long term future. Business owners whose largest asset is the business. Estate planning professionals who recognize the risks their client’s face, and are excited to bring them a solution.


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Save the family, the smallest economic unit of society, and you save the world. 
Legacy Families are the hope for better future.
— Cindy Arledge